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What Are Zero Gravity Seats? Secrets Revealed!

This article will help you learn more about zero gravity technology use in the design of cars and ways it can improve your well-being.
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Last updated: December 21, 2022
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Zero gravity seats are still growing in popularity. The weightlessness of space inspires these products. Thanks to the human exploration of what’s beyond, it was revealed to our beloved race that the weightlessness (or the absence of gravity) in space causes the human body to assume a more relaxed posture. This relaxed posture, consequently, puts less stress on the body and reduces the potential for tiredness and fatigue.

As expected, steps were taken to adapt this advantage of weightlessness to our everyday lives, hence discovering zero gravity seats. But, what are zero-gravity seats? For one, the term zero-gravity is simply a reference to the origin of the idea and concept. As such, they do not make us weightless. They try to recreate that neutral position weightlessness creates in space to minimize the stress on our bodies.

What does zero gravity mean?

Zero gravity is most accurately described as a phrase or term that describes a state of weightlessness. In such a state, a body ceases to feel the effect of gravity, and thus it can be said that the net gravitational force acting on such a body is zero.

This phenomenon is naturally present in space and can be created artificially using another force (referred to as a centrifugal force) that equals and counterbalances gravitational force. This concept and state are very important to the functioning of space stations.

Nissan zero gravity seats

What Are Zero Gravity Seats? Secrets Revealed!Though the concept of how zero gravity affects posture has been understood for a while and adapted to many functions, how Nissan has gone about incorporating this knowledge into its automobiles is too brilliant to ignore. In an innovative adaptation of a well-known idea, the popular carmaker designed seats that differed in design from conventional car seats and are inspired by the advantages of zero-gravity chairs.

The new seat reduces fatigue and is basically, more favorable especially for long drives. It was constructed to constantly provide support from the hips up to the shoulders while maximizing blood flow.

The painstaking efforts taken to perfect this seat should be an indicator of the quality of its performance. The company utilized biomechanical analysis, extensive driving simulation tests, testers with different gender, height, body types, and even medical tests to determine lactic acid levels (a key biological indicator in muscle fatigue)—the result: a high-end car seat that perfectly complements its automobile and delivers on its promises.

Advantages of zero gravity seats

What Are Zero Gravity Seats? Secrets Revealed!The advantage of the conventional zero-gravity chair design has already been stated in this piece. It is for this reason that the design is being applied more and more in leisurely settings such as in zero gravity recliners.

However, more improvements to the original design have been added by some chair manufacturers in the search for a competitive edge and even more comfort. Now, we have massage chairs like the Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 Massage Chair. This is designed to minimize the stress on your body while also providing a form of massage therapy. But it hasn’t stopped other manufacturers from constructing more chairs with even more functionality.

Cue the Real Relax Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Recliner with Bluetooth Heat Foot Roller for a full-body experience. One can only wonder where the next application of this concept takes us.

Final Thoughts

Staying seated for a long time is very uncomfortable. It is bound to be even more uncomfortable when you are trying to concentrate on the road. This is the reason why zero-gravity chairs are being produced and utilized more and more. No one likes discomfort.

Nissan has taken this potential for discomfort into consideration and removes it from driving by providing you with car seats that assure more comfort and less fatigue while you’re on the road.

However, using the zero-gravity concept in making chairs, recliners, and car seats is not the end of the road. Chairmakers incorporating foot rollers and massage functions to the original design of these seats will ensure that the question “what are zero gravity seats?” would have a different answer in the future.

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